Impact of User-Centric Payment on Income from Music Streaming

In principle, revenues from music streaming could be distributed according to different models. Instead of the current pro-rata model, for example, on the basis of the actual listening time, the usage situation (active or passive) or a user-based distribution.

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Simulate the Impact of UCPS on an artist's income

You can use the sliders to change the values and get a feel for how the three decisive factors impact an artist's income.

Unfortunately, these values usually aren’t accessible to individual artists. While our impact simulator can help you become more familiar with the relationship between the factors and individual income change, it does not provide a complete picture of their impact on an artist's income.

The actual financial impact for artists on specific streaming services can only be calculated accurately if the streaming data is provided transparently by the services.

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in the User-Centric Streaming Model

  • User Reach
    My Relative User Reach Index is 100.
  • User Commitment
    My listeners stream me, among other artists, 4% of the time.
  • Subscription Fee Index
    My Average User Spend Index is 100.